Grow your Twitter.
Directly from Notion.

Write & schedule your content for Twitter without ever leaving Notion.

Schedule tweets

Write and schedule tweets and threads exactly when you want to. Plan your content weeks ahead, all of that directly from Notion.

Auto DMs

Auto DMs will be sent when people interact with your tweets. Engage with your audience even when you’re not online.

Auto retweets & plugs

Auto retweet and plug your content to reach more audience, especially outside your timezone or when you’re sleeping.

Track URLs & analytics

Detailed real-time statistics to find out what’s really working so you can focus on that instead of losing time and resources.

Save at least 24 hours per week

By writing and scheduling your content in Notion weeks ahead, you save a lot of time so you can focus on other important things. You can do that in just one sitting.

Advanced features like auto retweets, DMs and plugs make sure you are always active and seen by people in different timezones even when you’re sleeping. It’s the easiest way to grow your Twitter followers and turn them into customers.

Grow your Twitter.
Directly from Notion.

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